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GFR Exclusive: Warpaint To Record ‘Live At Tapetown’ Session


Warpaint  + Northside + Tapetown + GFR =  Heck Yes!

Ahead of the Los Angeles art rocker’s Thursday slot at this year’s Northside festival (Blue stage, 16.00) Warpaint will be dropping by Aarhus’ Tapetown studios to record and exclusive ‘live in studio’ session for the live at Tapetown sessions. Of course we at GFR are stoked as hell to have the exclusive scoop for the tracks – as the quartet’s NS18 set is one we’d recommend getting to see – as it’s really one of a mere handful of “rock” sets though the run of the 1st days program.

What do we expect Wairpaint to bring? Well, if their recent sets are any indication it’s a jumble sale of their 3 (fanfuckingtastic) records and some potentially classic newer material (they’re about due for a release). You’ll just have to see for yourself at Northside, and keep watching this space for upcoming exclusive debut of the Live At Tapetown in-studio session.

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