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Live at Tapetown: Hater set to record next session


Hater booked to record next ’Live At Tapetown’ session ahead of Aarhus show.

The “Live At Tapetown” series is back in swing after a seasonal pause for the baby Jesus. Now unfortunately we have nothing to look forward to except rock shows –  diving into the misery of gloomy weather, tax season and wondering if the world is going to end. Hopefully the later won’t happen before tomorrow evening because we’re really stoked to go see Hater in Tape tomorrow.

Hater have this writer’s vote as having not one, but two of last year’s best indie records. The Malmö quintet released both their debut full-length You Tried and a stand-alone EP in late December, Red Blinders. Hater have solid roots in classic indie (The Smiths, Orange Juice), 2000s minimalism (XX) and modern power-pop (Real Estate) with real panache and solid songwriting. In a year with so many strong entries by female-lead indie (Chastity Belt, ONBC, Alvays, The Courtneys just to name a few…) Hater were able to stand out as favorites – no doubt due in part by lead-singer Caroline Landahls unique, gritty and slightly damaged vocals, over the bands perfectly formed forays through jangle, garage-y and reverence for classic British indie of the 80s. All of this without being a daft retro-fit.

Hater is headlining tomorrow night in Tape – however are due to stop by Tapetown and record for the live-in-studio format. GFR will until further notice be taking over and posting the exclusive debuts from our friends Sound Of Aarhus while they are on a temporary sabbatical.

Support for Hater tomorrow are Grenaa glam/garage guys, Tin Can Telescope. You’re in for a show folks…

Tickets are available on the door at 70dkk. (20:00 open) and remember Tape doesn’t take cash – only plastic and mobile pay.

Stay tuned to GFR for the Hater session and more news on upcoming live at Tapetown vids.

By Bobby McBride

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