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WhoMadeWho – I Don’t Know – 16/10 – 2017


Vi starter ugen (og ferien?) med et nyt nummer fra WhoMadeWho.

“I Don’t Know” udkom den 1. september, men nu har bandet fået lavet en flot og lidt anderledes video til nummeret. Om videoen forklarer producer Younes Marquardt in english:

“The idea for the video started with the name of the song ‘I Don‘t Know’. We were looking for images who convey the feeling of being lost, having difficulties finding oneself and the feeling of ‘never coming home’. At the heart of the story there are the emotions of a man, escaping reality by immerging into a bizarre mad-ish world trying to become part of a huge hypnotical spectacle.”

Her er Dagens Track:

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