Calming River – For The Echoes to See – 15/6 – 2017


Rolig rolig, nu tager vi den lige helt ned, inden der går festivalræs i Dagens Track og derefter… ferie?!

Calming River er et aarhusbaseret singer/songwriter folk-rock projekt, med britisk fødte Joshua Malcom, der prøver at tilføre den ellers simple og akustiske genre noget ballast og tyngde, trods det sarte udtryk.

Malcom forklarer selv:

“The ethos of my work is to create challenging, artistic and meaningful work. On one level the music is deceptively simple—an acoustic guitar and vocal. But when analysed on another level, there is a distinguished complexity in the technical guitar playing, alternative song structures and reflective lyrics. My music is aimed to oppose an overly-produced and formulaic tide that washes many shores.”

Dagens Track er “For The Echoes to See”:


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